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A few warm words from us about what we are all going through.

These are and will be troubling and uncertain times for each and every one of us,
maybe for a while also. It’s not easy to find the words and even thinking becomes hard
at times.

Here at Mia Majon, we are taking this moment to reflect, to imagine. To envision alternative systems and structures to the ones that we belong to now, whilst we try to figure out which role we might have in this and how we can integrate it into our work and what we do.

We also took some space to think about everything concerning bookings and
after a few chats together, we decided to let you know too.

We genuinely are more than glad if you say hi with a few words and would like to get info about a possible future retreat at the Mia Majon. 
We would be thrilled to give you more details on prices, dates or anything you might
want to know. We will even write you in the calendar, should you be interested in a
precise period of time or a room that is very dear to you.

However, every request will become an official booking only when we’ll receive further notification from the local competent bodies
This means that as long as we don’t know the whens and hows, we will only
symbolically reserve the stay for you. As soon as we know more and can actually
guarantee our availability, we will then of course inform you and provide all the further indications for fixing the booking.

We’ll always strive for creating and nourishing connection and community over anything else but we have to be honest with you and ourselves: we don’t know how things are going to look like over the next while.

We feel that they are changing, for the MM as well. New winds are blowing and we think they are bringing some transformation, for everybody. 
We stay grounded and breathe here. Working for what’s ahead yet always looking forward to receiving dear words from you.

Gaia, Nadia e Igor


Eight rooms, three different options. Find the space that suits you best.


We like to call our eating style wholesome. It doesn’t really fall into any particular category but never comprises on our very priority: feeling good, in general but especially at the table. See how our morning looks like.


A need for simplicity and less. For connection and coming together. For respecting and caring for ourselves and Mama Earth.


A pair of skis, the fresh flowers from the garden and moonlight charged crystals. This is the story of the souls behind the project and house.

Living and being in harmony with nature and yourself


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