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With local, mostly organic and plant-based ingredients

We define our eating style wholesome and to us this means offering primarily plant-based, seasonal and locally sourced food that is genuine, uncomplicated and free from unnecessary processes. Our intention is to give our guests the opportunity to get to know new dishes and preparations, whilst rediscovering the simplicity and nourishment of some forgotten foods and find ways to take them back into our everyday.

Our offer does not include any meat or fish and we instead favor earthy whole foods, possibly organic or biodynamic, with an occasional presence of local organic eggs or dairy products.


You can enjoy your morning meal from 7.30 to 9.30 AM, in summer also al fresco on the terrace or in the garden.


The MM breakfast is enclosed in a small seasonal menu, which contains and tells about the ingredients of our land and our very favorite recipes. 


Inside you find Mia Majon 1970, a full breakfast selection with homemade bread, margarine, homemade jams and salty spreads, fresh veggies and fruit, granola, plant-based yogurt, a sweet something and it all varies every day, depending on what we have on hand and our inspiration.  


In addition, each season has its own options à la carte, which can accompany the full breakfast in a small portion or substite it as a whole dish.  


A mug with a vegan cappuccino or latte, fair-trade coffee or one of our local herbal teas, the warmth in your hands and the beauty of small things. Still with sleepy eyes, breathing the crisp morning air.


It may be a cake that smells of childhood memories, a bowl with creamy oats or a salty breakfast idea, we make all our dishes from scratch and with heart. Just like you do for your dear ones.


In case of allergies or sensitivities to particular food categories, please let us know your necessities in advance and we will make sure to arrange breakfast alternatives that are suitable to your preferences.


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