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Mia Majon is a journey, a constant evolution and exploration. It’s us.

Few and simple are the words needed to tell about the project and ourselves, about all that we wish to bring and allow you to experience.

At the core and above all else, there’s connection. Among souls and individuals, with ourselves, nature e the mountains.

There are shared energies and stories, heartfelt exchanges.

The desire, probably the need as well, to make our way back to simplicity and less.  The commitment to do as much as possible to live again in harmony with the natural environment, to be more mindful and aware of the impact that our modern and way too comfortable lifestyles have on our planet and promise that with whatever is available, we will take responsibility for our part. Whilst learning to question all our comforts, to live more slowly and presently and appreciate more.

To love ourselves, through taking care of our bodies and spirits. To find nourishment in nature and deep breaths but also in good, honest food that celebrates Mama Earth and her bountiful variety but that fundamentally, always puts feeling good and looking for one’s own balance at the top.

There are many things that make us passionate and our hearts full but the following are some that we would like to share with you:


We see our project as conscious and acutely observant and for this reason, we do our best to offer a single price for the stays by us, no matter the time of the year. We have a “warm” and “cold” price for our three different room types: it simply varies with the expenses that we face in winter and that are lower in other times of the year instead. Therefore, we don’t believe in low or high season. We don’t believe in the whole limiting concept of touristic seasonality, to be honest. 

We don’t feel this last one is ethical in any way and furthermore, our commitment to hosting and welcoming people doesn’t change with the calendar: it surely isn’t better or more valuable during festive periods and your experience by us is always full of attention and care, doesn’t matter if it’s the beginning of April or mid-August. 

Additionally, the mountains surrounding us are unconditionally wonderful, all year long: the massification and romanticization of certain months or weeks is the result of a human construct based on land speculation and the capitalistic system. 

We like to think that – thanks to to this choice too –  we are deconstructing a super tiny bit of them whilst trying to walk different paths: we very much hope this will be a chance to think more profoundly about hospitality for those who visit us as well. 


Within the range of our possibilities, many are the small big gestures that we practice in order to check up on our environmental impact and we would love to share them with you during your stay. Among other things, we particularly avoid plastics and even more so, the single use ones. We wholeheartedly invite you to do the same e so, for instance, to take a reusable bottle with you and fill it with our tap water and also, to come up with any other component that you might need on a day out and about on the slopes or on the trails and add it to your low-waste kit. You will then be able to easily wash and have everything ready for the next day and help us be a little more eco-warriors once step at a time.

We genuinely encourage our guests to think about their habits and give more thought on finding means to shift their day-to-day actions for the better. Whatever the gesture, we hope you will find the way to send your personal love note to Earth as well.


We believe everybody has their way to do it and should follow their very own needs, but taking some distance from our notification-filled world to find that precious frequency within ourselves and nature, soaking up into silence and dedicating a moment just to ourselves – possibly with the phone switched off for a couple days or even just for a few instants – and just being, might truly be the best and most needed gift to look for.



We pay special attention at the water that we drink and therefore have available for our guests. Mountain springs provide us fresh water that is then revitalized by our GRANDER® system and finally energized by Otto Hurnaus’ effective microorganisms (EM) ceramics.

Living and being in harmony with nature and yourself


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