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Our story

Mia Majon is home.

One that has lived for the past 50 years. It’s a house that gathers all the sacrifices and commitment that Tiziana and Rinaldo undertook on a crisp spring day and that shortly after opened its doors with a few modest rooms to all the travelling souls stopping by in the Dolomites.

It’s a house that listened to the whistle of boiling water on the stove when breakfast was being set ready for the guests, to Rinaldo’s scalpel rhythmically ticking in his studio and that contemplated the disarmingly beauty of the Pordoi, Gran Vernel, Colac and the Crepa Neigra, the mountains that embrace its walls and sunburnt wood.

Mia Majon is the collection of all the stories and faces that could call it home, even if it was just for one day. A creative container that tirelessly stored life, ideas and projects.

Mia Majon is now Igor, Nadia and Gaia, it’s their project.

Gaia Cigolla

A life spent racing on the slopes of the Ski World Cup before and later among alpine sports paperwork and bureaucracies for Igor, one always surrounded by fresh blooms and flea market finds for Nadia and at the core of the project, the youngest of stories, Gaia’s. The one filled with crystals and stones, a pair of climbing shoes always in the bag, unstoppable energy and caring attention, the desire to do good.

Mia Majon is profound respect and gratitude for the work of those that have preceded but also the desire to carry on the family heritage whilst pursuing an authentic and fresh blooming of the project. One that is true to its message and values but also that portrays the life and the souls behind it. A shared journey that shows what makes them full and what matters most.


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