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    The b&b is temporarily still but our motivation to do good and create connection is stronger than ever.

    I servizi

    A dolomitic home for attentive souls

    I servizi

    Taking care of your body with nutritious, healthy food and with respectful attention to the environment. Here’s how we do it.


    Take some time for yourself, slow it down. Feel the mountains and nature around you. Discover our idea of relax.


    So you really don’t have to think about anything but dedicating some time just to yourself.


We would love to have you as our guests. Please feel free to send us your request or questions, we will do our best to answer you promptly.



A family house that feels like home, hosting just a few but with lots of space to find quietness and breath. Guarded by the high peaks of the Fassan Dolomites, tucked away in the silence of the meadows and with a thoughtful spirit. To do good and take care of ourselves, and one another.


Eight rooms, three different options. Find the space that suits you best.


We like to call our eating style wholesome. It doesn’t really fall into any particular category but never comprises on our very priority: feeling good, in general but especially at the table. See how our morning looks like.


A need for simplicity and less. For connection and coming together. For respecting and caring for ourselves and Mama Earth.


A pair of skis, the fresh flowers from the garden and moonlight charged crystals. This is the story of the souls behind the project and house.


What you will find


Our private parking is free, we normally assign one space per room and for as long as possible, we invite you to let the car rest together with you.


We strongly believe in the power of disconnecting, our rooms in fact have no tv or cable network. The whole house, however, offers free Wifi.

Ski room / bike deposit

For skis and warm (ski)boots in the winter and dry, safely stored bikes in the summer.

Cigolla’s ski school

The ski school is literally a few steps away from us but if you are looking for a custom and dedicated ski lesson, ask Igor if he could make some time for it.

Waking up with the Dolomites

Every corner of the house and room has a singular window view of the surrounding dolomitic mountains.

Fresh air and sunlight

It might be the garden for a morning walk in damp grass or the terrace to breathe in the last sun rays of the day, many are the hideouts around the property where to find shelter for some tranquility.

Wholesome breakfast

Healthy, alternative and homemade. With attention for seasonal, nourishing ingredients – a pocket of the day to carve out for yourself. For all veg people and those who want to try.

Pure, light water

The GRANDER® water revitalizer is with us since the 90s and Otto’s effective microorganisms (EM) help finish the job making our tap water light and free of heavy components and energetically toxic energies.

Towards a low-waste world

We still have a long way to go but we try our very best to reduce our environmental impact and consumption in whatever (small) way possible, in the hope to inspire our guests to rethink our modern habits and have a shared experience to come up with new ideas for a more sustainable way of living.

Yoga & meditation

Connect back to yourself and your breath. Quiet the mind, listen and observe within. Choose between our weekly group sessions and private classes with our teacher, Tania.


Our offers to connect back to nature and yourself, among supportive yoga lessons and the healing quietness of the Dolomites.

from 224 €

/per person

Yoga & Mountains SHORT

Three days for deep breaths, mindful movements and fresh air. For those that have less time, yet the desire to find a soothing and worry-free space for themselves.

This offer includes:

    • 3 nights from Thursday to Sunday
    • wholesome breakfast
    • 2 private yoga classes*

* The day and time will be arranged together with the teacher Tania via email or upon arrival

from 421 €

/per person

Yoga & Mountains LONG

A whole week of rest and slowing down, among present breaths and energizing asanas and with all the time on hand to find yourself in the silence of the mountains.

This offer includes:

    • 7 nights from Saturday to Saturday
    • wholesome breakfast
    • 1 group yoga class
    • 1 group meditation class
    • 1 private yoga class*

* It takes place on Fridays, time will be arranged together with the teacher Tania via email or upon arrival


Streda del Piz n.9 | CANAZEI (Tn) | Italy


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