Together yet again


The door is open, the house smells like summer and fresh, new air. It will be lovely to see each other again from July.

We have always been together; even from a distance, even if it was silently. Now, however, we will be able to feel it a little bit more and with a couple feet less apart, smiling at each other and sharing deep breaths in the early morning or in awe of an enrosadira over the Vernel. From July, our home is opening its doors and we couldn’t be more excited.

We are back then and along with us, there are a few updates and a couple modifications, but with connection and creating community always at the forefront and as the core of our work.

We are genuinely thankful for being allowed to open our majon again, to find you all, and it is essential to us that you will feel – as we have always stated – safe but even more so, at home here. That’s precisely why we would like to spend just a few words on how these restrictions that we are asked to respect might, quite naturally, change a few aspects of our job and routines (from a guest’s perspective as well), but we really want to tell you how this will not keep the atmosphere of the Mia Majon from permeating its spaces and taking you along the days that you will spend with us.

That sense of warmth, ease, intimacy and enrichment from our chats together or a shared moment in the garden will still be there. The spontaneity and sincerity with which we work and host will also. There might even be a bunch of gelid regulations in the way, but our values are not going anywhere and we will never ever compromise on our aim to do good.

We however thought to collect a list of info and notes that we would like to share with you and that we think you might appreciate knowing as you plan to come visit us this summer/autumn season:

One for all (periods) price

It was some time that we wanted to experiment with this approach, which we think better reflects our hospitality ethics and philosophy. We never really supported the concept of high/low season and we are therefore very excited to let you know that our price for the whole summer will only change depending on the kind of room you choose, not the time you book.


We are so glad to tell you that access to all yoga lessons with our teacher Tania is valid and available, and so are our stay offers “YOGA & MOUNTAINS”*.

Both outdoor and indoor (for up to 4 people) practice will be possible and this year, just like any summer, Tania focused her attention on outdoor classes, surely for convenience given the extraordinary times but also because practicing out in the fresh air is the most amazing way to do it, in our experience. We suggest you to browse through her summer schedule  and check out the available classes and times. As always, a reduced price for both group and private classes is applied to our guests.


Truthfully, not much is changing for our favorite time of the day. We tried to find a solution which didn’t compromise the pleasure of sitting together at the table whilst enjoying a wholesome, nourishing breakfast; we will simply abandon the small buffet to only keep the pick of the day that you will select à la carte. If you may like to know what we mean with “wholesome eating” and what you can expect, please visit this dedicated section. Also, for those that might appreciate it and for the loveliest of summer mornings, we remind you that you can have your breakfast al fresco on our dear terrace.

Deposit and cancellation policy

We very well understand the uncertainty and many questions that are surrounding this moment in time, we naturally do have them as well and we are always available for a chat together. For summer private bookings (hence not those placed through websites like and as official confirmation, we will ask a deposit of 30% of the total for the stay only two weeks prior to arrival.

This will not only allow both you and us to follow how the situation is unfolding but will also give you some more tranquility.

Temporarily modifying and adapting our booking policies came natural to us in order to accommodate you to the best of our ability. We are however sure of your understanding and collaboration in recognizing that this choice makes us extremely vulnerable, but that we honestly trust your wish to support us and what we do.


We will update this space as needed in this definitely exceptional yet important time. It a wild one, but we believe it holds so much room for opportunity and relevant change, for a better and more just world.

We then truly hope that you too – as our guests – will be able to let your guard down, connect within, with others and Mama Earth; simply allowing a few days of fresh air, deep earthing and good, earnest food to unravel.

We wait for you. When you want, when it feels right.


A breath from the mountains,

Gaia, Nadia & Igor


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