Together yet again


On transformation, uncertainty and opportunities.

It’s not easy to find the proper words for this moment, for this whole year. 

Many are the feelings, even more the thoughts and there are instants where, in all truth, we are not really sure of where we are heading to and what is going to happen. 

This is an exceptional time of transformation. Undoubtedly personal and for our dear project, but it’s also social, structural and one of awakened minds and voices. We feel its energies, portentous and able to move mountains, and accompany them in front row. However, it’s impossible not to experience the tiredness, the heavy shoulders and vulnerably soft heart.

In our eyes, this last year has shown us all the critical issues which have always characterized our human history and supremacy and the toxic systems on which our existences are based. We still don’t’ have many answers on multiple dynamics and questionable are the means with which specific, sensitive current situations are being dealt with. 

What we know for sure, however, is that what we are breathing right now is a crucial point full of opportunities and that we want to actively take part to it. 

We still are not that used around this uncertainty and pure unknown, but we feel that these intricacies are indeed holding both the healing and the best, strongest and most loving version of a possible world. One that maybe is already breathing through the cracks of these troubled and utterly trying months.  

We wanted to leave you these words from the heart as for the rest, we are not really able to say much on how the next months will look like for the MM -but we are excited to share some pretty things and projects with you, hopefully very soon.  

What we can say, though, is that we are not stopping. 

That we will not quit taking care of each other and Mama Earth, nurturing connection and community, making space for radical ideas and voices for a more just world and weakening the division and fear that seem to have still way too much room in the hearts of most. 

Just like we did a while ago, this will be the space where we can give each other support during these changing times and where we can keep you up to date on how you can come for a visit to us (and when).

Here’s a bunch of curiosities you might like to know if you are considering to come to the Mia Majon this winter:

One for all (periods) price

we made this attempt during the summer and we istantly felt it ours. The choice to keep one single price for the whole wintertime (which changes only depending on the kind of room you pick) is our way to express the MM values and what we believe in, besides paving the way to a concept of DIFFERENT TOURISM. 

New spaces & meaninful experiences

after a pretty stressful autumn full of reno work, we can’t wait to open the corners of the house that we could make even more ours and yours. The now multi-purpose yoga room will host new experiences and practices (offered by Gaia as well), the new “living room” in the breakfast space will have shared talks and readings with a hot herbal tea and the rooms will comfort you with even more warmth.

Deposit and cancellation policy

it’s really hard for everybody and from both sides to manage the planning and viability of a mountain retreat for the foreseeable future but just like for the summer, our booking policies keep being designed with the next developments in mind and ready to be modified as need be. 

Momently, the confirmation of the private booking (meaning not via will take place only two weeks prior to arrival with the payment of a deposit of 30% on the total price. 

For those who have already placed a booking for the near future, we will reach out to you in time to have a chat together and update each other on the situation. 

MiaMajonInverno 35-min

It’s extremely important to us that you feel us there and present, that we keep a conversion going in this very moment. It’s the very same for us: we need your enthusiasm, energy and support, even though it might not be financial right now. 

There are many ways you can be of help so that the project keeps going and being nourished and can reach more and more precious beings. 

If you can, please talk about us and the Mia Majon to your dear ones, follow us on Instagram at @miamajonbnb and read, share our thoughts and content. Help us spread ideas for a different tourism, a happy Mama Earth and a healthier, more equal society. 

If you’ve already been by us, furthermore, we would deeply appreciate it if you could send us a few kind words about your experience at the MM which we then can share with who might want to get to know our work and stay with us for a bit in this dear mountain home. 

Above all and even more, let’s stay TOGETHER. Us and you, you and your dears, us and the most vulnerable souls and those who have less privilege, you with those you know and those you don’t yet. 

No matter what. Always and however. 

We wait for you. For now, an extra deep breath from the mountains.

Gaia, Nadia & Igor


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